How can you support the project ?

It can be technical, financial, media, in person as the continuation of this adventure needs the best conditions possible and specific requirements.

Thus throughout this project, Wind Rescue Water are actively seeking any assistance to support the success of this initiative.

These partnerships are available in two ways:

Assistance in the preparation and provision of equipment:
   - Make material available, by donation or lending: Sails, deck or mechanical fittings, technical equipment and clothing, navigation and communication instruments, energy, cleaning products, food provisions...

Support to cover expenses:
   - Design of teaching materials, materials to support interventions, travel costs … (The funds would be paid into a specific bank account in the name of the Wind, Rescue Water Association and financial statements are provided to all partners).

Other forms of support are perfectly acceptable: Discount and preferential rates, sponsorship or advice, , letters of support, ,network...

Why invest in this project ?

• Associate your name and your logo with an unusual project which builds positive value: adventure, performance, humanity, personal achievement, involvement and respect for the environment.

• Exploit a dynamic, recognised and valued vehicle of communication.

• Benefit from guaranteed media coverage ( national and regional daily papers, specialised press, internet...)

• Support an environmentally and humanely based adventure project.

• Highlight the values of your organisation in association with this project and create a dynamism throughout your teams.

• Communication with other clients and partners

• Benefit from clarity for your business beyond your networks and your usual professional relations.
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The deals of the partnership

In return for your commitment to us, we offer:

• Association with the values of the project and to harness these to the image of your business

• Use of a reserved space for your logo on our range of communications

• Benefits from media coverage of the project

• Organise meetings or conferences where your commitment, your name and our common values are highlighted...

Make a donation


All year, Wind Rescue Water - Le vent au secours de l'eau - Avel Skoaz Dour actively campaigning in all the land but also in the world to expose the plastic pollution that pollute the global water and harm our ecosystem.

To defend the right of everyone to live in a healthy environment, and allow more people to be aware of this noble cause, your generosity is essential. 100% of donations received by Wind Water Rescue - Wind in water rescue - Avel Skoaz Dour involved in funding projects to raise awareness for the protection of oceans and inland waters.

In 2013, Wind Water Rescue - Wind in water rescue - Avel Skoaz Dour agrees again to continue his fight for information and action against all violations of the water resource so important to our survival and that of all species. To carry out its work, the association needs your support.

To support us, two solutions:

I make donation ONLINE (by Paypal)


I make donation by MAIL

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Our partners

Our technicals partners:

GCI-CVESQ, training center in the league Ile de France the French Sailing Federation FFV and sailing school.

  cvesq croisieres

Tribord is a trademark of equipment for water sports (sailing, kayaking, diving, Winter Sports). Its main aim is to make accessible to the greatest number and optimum safety, the fun of water sports.


Globe France A
The France international joined the Globe program bringing together students, teachers and scientists around the observation, collection and exchange of environmental data. One way to educate young people, both in the scientific process and environmental problems.

  globe france



Our logisticals partners:

Chrysalide is a communications agency eco responsible. It designs and develops creative and innovative communications, always respecting the environment.

  Agence de communication éco-responsable

Surfrider Foundation is a non-profit aimed at the defense, preservation, enhancement and sustainable management of the ocean view, the coast and waves.

  surfrider foundation

AeroFrames is an association specialized in aerial photography and video. The association has innovative tools to make and process shots in high definition to better meet your expectations (site supervision, event, road, urban planning, tourism, tracking ...)


Just Sailing is an international federation of many players and fans travel to sail around the globe. It supports, promotes and encourages all forms of project to discover or discover the world of sailing.



We thank all those who in the shadow of these logos have placed their trust and support.

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