Alicia Vincent, 28 years old Skipper

Educational Lead

Alicia, by nature curious and enthusiastically committed to teaching and learning through play , In taking responsibility for leading projects Alicia is able to respond to various issues related to education and the environment.

oday, as Director of a young people's centre, Alicia does not hesitate to share her passion for the sea and never ceases to motivate more "responsible" behavior. Affected by the harm caused by the pollution of water and oceans, she decided to act for future generations.

Morgan Harscoët, 31 years old Skipper

Operational Lead

After having had a taste of the sea during his childhood, today Morgan is responsible for cultural development,. |He retains his unconditional love of the sea. Day after day, he encourages and puts in place initiatives to reduce pollution of nature by humans.

Convinced that rhetoric is not enough to change minds, he decided to act, and not remain a spectator.
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The boat

To realise this project, we have chosen a King's Cruiser 33, designed by Pelle Peterson, it will be our floating home during this long trek.


Name : Saint-Marc IV
Model : King's Cruiser 33
Year of Construction : 1976
Nom : Saint Marc IV
Shipyard : Turun Veneveistämö" (Åbo Shipyard)
Architect : Pelle Peterson
Make : OY Fiskars AB
Overall length : 10,24 m / 33' 7½''
Flotation length : 8,00 m / 26' 3"
Maximum beam width : 3,12 m / 10' 3"
Tirant d'eau : 1,72 m / 5' 8"
Ballast : 2,0 t / 4.410 lbs
Displacement without charge: : 4,3 t / 9.480 lbs
Displacement when charged : 6 t / 13.227 lbs
Main sail : 18,3 m² / 197 sq.ft
Genoa 1 : 36,5 m² / 393 sq.ft
Sail area : 54,8 m² / 590 sq.ft
Engine : Volvo MD2B

This sloop rigged keelboat is of Finnish origin from 1976. Designed by Pelle Pettersen, it is a sandwich balsa laminated polyester and benefits for the notable quality of Scandinavian construction. Some essential improvement work and fittings have been undertaken since it was acquired in 2012. This robust companion is an amazing sailor, allowing us to travel independently and freely, her size allowing us to reach numerous places which are often inaccessible to other larger boats.
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The association

The Avel Association Skoaz Dour (WRW) brings together ten years one hundred volunteers distributed throughout the UK and French territory. Administratively born in March 2012 in the Cotes d'Armor, this nonprofit endeavor to inform goal awareness and develop fun and educational actions against pollution of water, especially the ocean.

Commitment: Since its inception, Wind Rescue Water continues to advocate the core value of respect in particular through its code of ethics. Each of our actions: intervention with young audiences, educational activities in the field, cleaning and information ... invite without forcing the other to share a single logical argument in favor of our environment every action counts, however small be it.

Sense of community: The organization focuses its efforts on behalf of young people: school, holiday center, associations, individuals ... It also has tools to reach a wider audience. The "WRW project" aims to broaden the scope of the collective by offering different structures of France, Europe and the world, a pooling of efforts and resources. In addition, cooperation with local actors (associations, elected officials, ...) is essential for the successful completion of our common goal: protecting what this natural resource, water.

Opening: One of the first objectives of the "WRW project" is the sharing of experiences by sharing best practices and knowledge in the many stops of the journey. This initiative is an opportunity to increase awareness of the association by enriching each of its members and its partners with a great intercultural awareness.

Imagination : The "WRW project" is built around:
- a remarkable way to clean and Transportation: A sailboat
- a unique challenge for the exemplary: A tour of the Atlantic
- a legitimate objective: meeting and sharing the service of a dear to all involved.

A project supported by the Marque Bretagne

Sharing common beliefs and values​​, Brand Britain decided to trust us in supporting our actions. For which we are very grateful.

La Marque Bretagne a brand territory designed to allow the region to be more visible, to stand out, to be attractive enriching and modernizing its image. It symbolizes the territory, giving it an added value, a "soul" that reinforces his personality. It also helps to strengthen the pride of belonging to the mobilization and federation of its most enterprising players..

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