In the Summer of 2013, Alicia and Morgan, a couple of young sailors will cast off a to complete a tour of the Atlantic. Not content with simply realising this ambitious voyage they have decided to give this journey a more useful purpose. This project is called "Wind Rescue Water"*.

The Objectiv

" We will cast off the ropes but not with any plastic !”

To make younger people more aware of the damaging effect of plastic in the oceans and to encourage simple actions which would help to limit this pollution.
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Our tools ?

Alicia and Morgan will work with educational and leisure establishments, clubs and associations, tourist offices or marinas…

For each type of organisation or group the actions are based around two aims :
• Informative: exhibitions, educational, displays, fieldtrips, share and exchange experiences
• Initiative: ecycling/recovery centres, beaches, waterways, river cleaning.

At each port of call, we will ask people and organisations interested in informing themselves, to learn and take action against the pollution of water Together we will establish a programme of concrete actions, in line with these requests before arranging and putting our resources at their disposal
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The supports

• educational exhibition around 2 main themes presented on flexible panels:
   - The Plastic Planet 'the hand in the bag
   - Everyday Pollution 'the good response
   - Documentary films on three themes:
      « The Ocean, wildlife, flora and pollution, The water cycle and the beach ».

• Small fun booklets which bring together the most effective actions to fight against water pollution.

• Badges and stickers labelled 'Act for sea', 'Act for you' given to participants to develop their awareness and motivate continued action over time.
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The interventions

We propose several types of interventions:
• Guided visit around the exhibition and educational support

• Open discussion 'questions/debates':
   - Choice of subject: pollution, the sea voyage, recycling...

• Discovery workshops for young people and initial training for adults from 15 minutes to an hour and three quarters
   - Workshops: Identify pollution, useful actions, give a second life to plastic

• Operation Clean up without time limit according to the needs of the site (site cleaning: beach, lakes, rivers....)
   3 examples of the types of interventions:
       « The Little Sailor » : 'The small foam' Educational exhibition and guided visit
       « The Navigator » : 'The Navigator' Educational exhibition and guided visit plus questions and discussion
       « The Explorer » : 'The Explorer' Educational exhibition and guided visit plus questions and discussion plus the trunk nautilus plus a clean up

These suggestions offer a pathway through the interventions or each can be taken as an individual stage. These actions have the common objective to raise individual and collective awareness as well as the willingness and capability to adapt behaviour within the geographic and economic context.
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Interested ?

Would you like to arrange one of our interventions for your organisation or would you simply like to know more about what we are doing? Don't hesitate to contact us to discuss.
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The cost ?

Information is accessible and above all the information is free !
No payment is required during our stops.
But, it isn't that the actions are free that there isn't a cost...

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